Saturday, November 10, 2012

Boba, oh wonderful Boba!

For my birthday, I got a Boba 3G carrier. I've loved it from the time I pulled it out of the box. I tried an Ergo carrier at REI, but Lil Man was almost already too tall for it at 6 months old, so I knew it wasn't a good option for us. With the taller body and a smidgen wider seat, the Boba was my top choice for a soft structured carrier. I've carried Munchkin on my back (it's rated for up to 45 lbs) and Lil Man goes on my front or my back, depending on how long I'm going to be carrying him. He's about 25 lbs now and is still comfortable on my front for anything other than long excursions. Right now, zoo trips are really the only thing I put him on my back for. I use it daily to carry him in and out of the gym.
Wednesday morning, I was getting ready to get the kids out to the car from the gym, went to put on the Boba and realized that the waist buckle felt weird. I looked at it and noticed that where one of the teeth attached to the end of the buckle had snapped! I was a little upset, but I got their phone number from their website and gave them a call. Less than 5 minutes later, they were sending me a new buckle piece, completely free!! I figured that we would get it Tuesday or Wednesday since Monday's a holiday and typically things take about 4 days to get here....imagine my surprise when I checked the mail today and it was here!! I'm not sure exactly when it got here, we don't check our mail daily since it's a locked box at the entrance of the condos, but if it got here today it was 3 days max! They definitely take good care of their customers!! If we ever have another baby, I think I'll get a Boba Wrap even though I already have a MetroWrap by MetroMamma (one of my first BabySteals purchases!!). It's a great wrap, but I've heard so many fabulous things about the Boba Wrap (it used to be Sleepy Wrap, if you're familiar with it under that name) and with the high level of customer service, I'm very inclined to give them my business again! I honestly don't feel like you can go wrong with buying a Boba product!

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