Friday, November 16, 2012

Thankful for...Day 16

Today I'm thankful for cuddles. As a baby, Munchkin was very snuggly, but of course as she grows, she wants cuddles less and less. She's even outgrown being rocked before bed. We know she's super tired when she wants to cuddle with one of us! This morning, she came into my room before my alarm went off and laid on Daddy's side of the bed, since he'd already left for work. When my alarm did go off, Lil Man didn't wake up (thank goodness!), but Munchkin did. We snuggled in the comfy chair in Lil Man's room and just about fell asleep so we moved back to the bed and cuddled up close until Lil Man woke us up about 15 minutes later. It was a really sweet start to what became a normal crazy morning.
Lil Man is still baby enough to cuddle a lot. He prefers to sleep in my arms or cuddled close (with full nursing access) at night. We're slowly but surely working with him on sleeping in his bed, but cosleeping works for us--and keeps me less sleep-deprived! When he's awake but wants to be held, which is less and less these days as he gets older--11 months tomorrow!!--, our Boba carrier can be such a life saver! I know that all too soon will come the day when he declares himself to be a big boy who doesn't need Mommy cuddles, so I'm taking them while I can get them!!

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