Friday, November 9, 2012

Thankful for...Day 9

Today I'm thankful for a husband that is such a great daddy. Munchkin goes through phases where she wants one of us and nothing to do with the other and we've been in the middle of a Mommy phase lately. So today, since he has a 4 day weekend for Veteran's Day, he turned it into a Daddy & Daughter day and kept the kiddos while I went to the gym (so that part was Daddy & Kiddos time) and they made pancakes, then he took her out just to get out together. I know that it's hard on him when she runs away from him or won't let him comfort her if she wakes up in the night, but I think that some days Lil Man makes up for that when he crawls as fast as possibly can whenever he walks in the door and later crawls into his lap while I'm putting Munchkin to bed and passes out in his arms.

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