Saturday, November 24, 2012

Thankful for...Days 23 & 24

Day 23--I'm thankful for the start of the Christmas season!! It's tree day! Munchkin is SO excited to get the decorations out. Apparently this is the year of "getting" holidays. Birthday, Halloween, Christmas...she's getting the excitement now and it's amazing to see. She's already telling us that our tree is missing something, and that something is a star! (It's missing lots of somethings, the only thing on it right now are the built in white lights and the colored lights I put on!) We even went and saw the lighting of the Anchorage Holiday tree downtown and it was great. There was a sign language translator there and Munchkin started imitating her when the choirs were singing, it was so cute! She told me she liked the lady singing with her hands. A great start to this season!!

Day 24--Today I'm thankful for time with my family. I'm losing track of what day it is, and I know Monday will be a rude awakening back to reality, but it's been so nice to have Mark home. We had a great day today  walking around downtown and getting into some of the small local shops. Even when we're doing nothing together, we're still together, and for that, it's meant more than anything. (I'm pretty sure that family & time with family gets more than one day...but hey, it's an important part of my life!)

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