Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Thankful for...Days 27 & 28

27--A girl who knows what she wants...even when that doesn't line up with what I want or need from her at that time. It was an interesting day with a headstrong girl which led to probably more stress for me than it could have, but when I can stop and look back on it, at least I know that Munchkin isn't going to be one to be easily pushed around into something she doesn't want!!

28--My wild goose chase of a morning. Lil Man's car seat is Munchkin's old car seat (we're original owners, no recalls, not expired...yes, I'm a bit of a car seat nut) and it's been getting increasingly difficult to tighten. So I call Dorel (parent company of Safety 1st, Maxi Cosi, Cosco, Eddie Bauer, & more)--first off, they're incredibly hard to get a hold of, I spent about an hour on hold yesterday and had to give up at 12p here since that's 4p EST and they were closed, and then this morning, it took them 20 extra minutes to turn their system from "out to lunch" back to operational. I finally got a very helpful representative and I originally thought I was just going to be trying to get a replacement strap....then I find out that what really needs replaced isn't replacable, so guess what? They want proof of purchase so they can send me a voucher for a new car seat!! Well alrighty then!! Only problem? We bought the car seat when Mark came home from 2010. Do I have that receipt? No way. We've moved twice since then. Same bank account? Nope, we switched when we were getting ready to move to Louisiana since we only had a local bank. (I even called both USAA and our old bank -- not remembering that we hadn't started using USAA by then, and guess what, true to their history of exemplary customer service, she searched through their side of the records and when she came up empty handed, gave me the account and routing numbers for the original deposit into our account! Sadly, our old bank didn't have our records anymore). Saving grace? Toys"R"Us/Babies"R"Us Rewards. They have a transaction history on their website and I finally managed to figure it out and get it to work and there it was!! So now I've sent my email to Dorel and will hopefully hear something from them soon!!

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