Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas!!

Today has been a wonderful day. The only downside is that Munchkin came down with something yesterday and isn't quite 100% yet. I'm starting to get a cough...let's hope Lil' Man doesn't catch it!! The kids had a blast opening their presents this morning, Munchkin wasn't so interested in everyone else and started playing with some of her new toys right away! Mark was super surprised with, and excited about, his new Cowboys blanket! I got a new toy myself...a new iPad! I'm a lucky girl!! The kiddos also got me some new yoga gear which I'm excited to start using. I hope everyone is having a great day! My favorite part is relaxing with the family, watching Christmas movies. (And eating cookies from the batch last night!!) Merry Christmas!!

Christmas sewing!!

FYI: I'm writing all of this before Christmas, but won't publish before since I don't want to ruin the surprises! (I'm also testing my first scheduled post!!)

Pinterest can be pretty awesome. My current pinterest project is a braided edge fleece blanket, as opposed to a tie blanket. I got the idea from Helping Little Hands. I honestly don't remember how much fabric I bought....I got it when I was getting the supplies for Munchkin's and Lil Man's Halloween costumes!! I was ecstatic that I found Cowboys fleece up here!! There's a kiosk vendor at the PX that sells fleece blankets (as well as lots of other things) and she charges $60+. I thought that was a little steep, but I understand that time and effort are worth something! I just choose to use my own time and effort! It's already frustrating, but it'll be alright once I have happy helpers instead of screaming ones! I can't wait for Mark to open this on Christmas, it's one thing I've managed to keep a surprise! I know he's going to love it. Munchkin asked if it was for her, because "I love Cowboys football mans, Mommy." He's taught her well. Now that I've finished it, but almost had the surprise ruined, I forgot to take a picture of the rest of the process! I'll post pictures after Christmas though!!
Starts out a big blob of fabric...

This gets old fast....

Look, Mom! I made Mickey Mouse!

Another project I've got going is a pillow for my nephew, Mamu. When I asked my sister what he wanted for Christmas, she just told me "Batman is good." We like to put our Alaskan spin on things so that it's not something that can come from anywhere. I remembered seeing "Batmoose" shirts at the zoo this summer, but nobody had them in kids sizes! Spidermoose and Supermoose abound, but no Batmoose. The only ones the zoo had left were adult XXXL. I didn't necessarily want a shirt the whole family could wear (at the same time!), but my crafty brain kicked in. A pillow! Since it's HUGE, there's more than enough fabric to make it...in fact, I think it's going to be a more like a little body pillow for him! I just hope he likes it!
The T-Shirt turned pillow

Munchkin took my phone and told me to say "Cheese!"

Bonus picture of the cutie patootie Munchkin!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Happy Birthday, Lil Man!

At 7am, I get the bright idea to make him a special birthday shirt. A scrap of orange flannel made a super cute "1"!! 
Yesterday was Lil Man's first birthday!! I can't believe it's been a year since he joined our family! This year has flown by. He's grown so much.
He had his 12 month well-baby check up in the morning. He's 23.8lbs and 30.5in. One thing I never thought I'd hear? "He doesn't weigh enough." Seriously? I think he's growing just fine. He also had to get a blood test to check his iron levels--the doc told me that most breastfed babies this age are anemic, but he was a champ with the finger prick and his iron levels are great! His doctor was also shocked that I wasn't itching to stop nursing. When I told her our goal is til 2, she was very surprised. Halfway there--not that he'd really let me stop any time soon...he loves it too much, and it's so good for him!! He has 5 teeth, the sixth is working its way in. Not quite walking, he can, but lacks the confidence to actually do it. Talks up a storm and loves to play, especially with cars!
Waiting on the doctor. Everyone in the clinic is so shocked at his diapers! 
I made his favorite dinner--Dutch oven chicken, rice, and veggies (just he doesn't get the rice), which he almost slept through. He opened his presents....wasn't too into ripping the paper, so Munchkin, who couldn't hold in her excitement, helped. Both of them were really excited to play with his new toys. This year, I got a lot of toy ideas from what they play wit at the gym, so both of the toys were familiar. He got a Little People school bus and a Little People Wheelies Stand'n Play rampway.
The "Little People Wheelies Stand'n Play Rampway"  from MG & Granddaddy
He was one happy birthday boy!! The cutest thing was the look he gave everyone who told him "Happy Birthday!", it was one of "people keep saying this to me...but what does it mean?!?" I can't wait to see what the next year holds for Lil Man!!
It's hard work being the birthday boy!! He actually napped a ton, totally out of the norm for him!

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Just call me Santa's Little Helper!

I finished my elvish duties tonight! Back in October, I took advantage of Toys"R"Us's "Hot Toy Reservation" for Munchkin's present. She LOVES Doc McStuffins and the top toy on the list was the Doc McStuffin's Time for Your Checkup doll. They had it on sale, so I was set! I haven't seen it that low anywhere else, so I'm glad that I got it when I did! It was a bit of a headache getting it reserved because nobody working there had even heard of the program, let alone done one before, so it took some figuring out. They said I'd get an email when it was ready and it had to be picked up no later than Dec. 16. No problem!
I lost the paperwork under Lil Man's carseat, but finally found it again...and realized that I haven't heard from them about it. I figured I should head in tonight in case something was going on and I needed to come back tomorrow I wouldn't be after the cut off date. I seriously think I was the least stressed person in Toys"R"Us tonight! I was behind a family who was picking up their layaway items (about 4/5 carts full) and not everything was there, so they had people running all over the store trying to get everything for them. Once I got up to a person, who then called the manager--who was so frazzled, poor lady!--it took almost no time at all. They just had to go get it from wherever they were keeping the reserved toys. I mentioned that I had never received an email letting me know it was ready and she said that I was the first person to pick up their reservation, so either 1) I'm the ONLY person that reserved anything at that store or 2) the system didn't work right and people might be flocking there tomorrow freaking out that it's the deadline and they haven't been told their toys are ready! She told me that I might get an email now that I've picked it up, but oh well. I have it and Munchkin will be so excited on Christmas morning.
She keeps telling me that she's going to tell Santa she wants Lambie, so I've just gone with it....she just gets Doc too! I was pleasantly surprised at how big she is, I'm horrible at understanding the size of something based on dimensions, so she is bigger than I thought, but that's a good thing! She's not huge or anything, but a really nice sized doll. I'm kinda excited to play with her too!!

Another first...

Some firsts aren't anticipated and definitely aren't celebrated!! Thursday night Munchkin had another first. She threw up and it was not fun. She was scared, I felt so bad for her! She didn't know what was going on. She kept saying "I spit, Mommy. I spit.", since she's used to seeing Lil Man spit up. Poor kiddo.
Mark went in to help her first, but quickly called for help. I got every thing cleaned up and the bed changed when he tells me, "It's in her hair...". So he takes her to the shower while I take the dirty sheets to the wash. I didn't think I'd be taking a shower with her at 1:30am! She was pretty good about it, then we went to brush her teeth. I kept asking her how her tummy felt and she would say it was ok, and then not, and then ok again. Once I got her into a clean diaper (can't wait til those are done...but thankful for cloth and only one at night really) and PJs, we climbed back into her bed. Lately, she's been wanting/needing me to lay with her in bed. It's some nice snuggle time that we really haven't gotten since she stopped nursing over a year ago (about a year and a half now...wow, how the time flies!). So of course she wanted me to get in bed too. I snuggled with her for a little bit and once she was asleep (mere minutes!) I got to head back to my own bed. She woke up and came in my room about 6:40am and wanted to climb in. Mark had already left for work, so I told her to go ahead. She gets up next to me and immediately starts coughing. Poor kid has a tiny bit come up, I rush her to the bathroom and tell her that if any more needs to come out, lean over the toilet. Thankfully, nothing more, but I did have to change our sheets! I kept a close eye on her the rest of the morning and didn't let her chug down water or eat a ton like she wanted and soon everything seemed back to normal. We even went to the gym Friday afternoon (for the hardest yoga class I've ever done!) and she was acting like her normal self. I did give the girls a heads up, but if I hadn't told them, they wouldn't have had a clue that anything had happened.
Thankfully, everything is fine. I think it was something she ate. I just hope that we don't have to deal with that again for a long time! I do think it's funny how that, as a mom, so much doesn't bother me. It wasn't the easiest thing to clean up, but I remember when I could hardly handle myself getting sick! Now, I'm pretty much prepared to deal with whatever these kiddos throw at me. I may not like it, but I can handle it. Which is good...Mark doesn't handle the gross-out stuff well!!

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Shirt re-fashion

My wardrobe is getting smaller and smaller! Which is a good thing since it's really getting smaller as far as size goes, but the number of things I have to wear is very very small since I've now shrunk out of most everything I owned! I'm still wearing my maternity shirts because they're not obviously maternity. They're a little baggier around the belly, but not really noticeably so. Well, until now. I have one short sleeved maternity shirt that has the side ruching and I liked how it transitioned well from maternity to non and figured why not do that to my long sleeve shirts?? So I did. I kinda thought about taking pictures as I was mostly through the project, but this gives you an idea.
The original shirt. It's not nearly that boxy on, but it's definitely needing help in the shape department since it's now technically too big for me.

The new altered shirt! It adds enough something to help make it look a little better, but I know I won't really be able to wear these for much longer. It's getting to the point where they really are too big for me and will start looking frumpy!

For now, this is a good fix and it was really easy! Just a piece of elastic on the inside seam--which was my first experience sewing elastic--and other than machine troubles I had (some days my machine seriously hates me), it was super easy and super fast!! I think the first one took me about 10 minutes start to finish and the second one about 30 because that's when my machine started to throw a hissy fit and I had to rip one side out about 3 times!

Saturday, December 8, 2012

MilSpouse (First) Friday Fill-In

It's that time again! I'm linking up with Wife of a Sailor for (First) Friday Fill-In!

1. What’s one thing in the past month you would have changed?
Hmmm, November was pretty decent, actually! Maybe warmed up the weather a bit. We've been unusually cold and haven't had near enough snow. The frost level is getting dangerously deep and if it gets much deeper, water lines will start freezing. I never thought, especially after last year's record snowfall, that I'd be praying for more snow, but here we are!!

2. What was your favorite thing that happened in November?
I think Thanksgiving was a good high point for us. Good food, good friends to visit with, more than plenty to be thankful for....we've been just rockin' along for awhile, which honestly, is nice sometimes to not have anything huge happen!

3. What is your favorite holiday memory?
One of many..it was the last Christmas that we spent with my Granddaddy. I was very young and my biggest wishlist item was a Magic Nursery Baby. It was a baby doll that you didn't know if it was a boy or a girl until you opened it and it came with a special dissolvable packet for the name & outfit. I was so excited to open it, I made everyone stop what they were doing so I could go find out what the packet held!!! Mom says I got a girl doll, I don't remember! If you'd like to see a little more about them....go here. That's also the Christmas that my sister and I swore we heard reindeer on the roof. :)

4. What are your plans for New Year’s Eve?
We're probably going to party it up....in our living room! Maybe get a bottle of sparkling grape juice and really go to town! Aren't we the most interesting family out there??

5. What are you looking forward to in December?
Christmas. Sadly, Lil Man's birthday is definitely being overshadowed! I don't think we're doing a party, just a cake and giving him his presents. Munchkin informed me that today was Christmas Eve, so tomorrow was Christmas and she wanted her presents. I told her nice try, but no. It's getting close though!!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The complexities of a 3 year old

This year is the first year Munchkin is getting excited about holidays. Her birthday, Halloween, and now Christmas. She's been talking non-stop about how Santa is coming soon and all that. Tonight was the JBER Holiday Concert and Tree Lighting. For the tree lighting, Santa comes in his sleigh, pulled by reindeer. There is a reindeer farm not far from here, and they provide the reindeer. Just a perk of living in Alaska....you get to see them as well as Santa! Reindeer are pretty awesome. We went, but had to leave the concert early because Munchkin was too scared of the music being so loud and Lil Man started getting fussy. We went out and got supper because Mark had to be back to work tonight. When we got back to his office, which is where the tree is located, we saw Santa was still there and there was only a couple of kids left in line to see him. I quickly bundled Munchkin back up (it was -10 at this point) and ran her over to see him. She was so excited. Until it was actually our turn...then she turned and tried to run! She's still scared of him. "Mrs. Claus" tried to take our picture with me holding Munchkin next to Santa's sleigh, but she fought so hard it didn't turn out. Oh well. She wanted to then walk and see each reindeer, but wouldn't pet them or say hi to them....silly girl. On the way home, Munchkin kept telling me that she wanted to see Santa again. So we'll see if she reacts well to him when we see him at the PX or wherever else we see him!

Married to the Army: Alaska

So Oprah's network (OWN) has started a series called Married to the Army: Alaska. We found out about it when they were recruiting families--they asked Mark a few times because they wanted someone from his office, but he kept declining--and it was something we thought about the whole time they were filming. "How are they going to portray this life?" was our main question. Of course, we waffled a few times in our decision to say no, after all, they were offering a hunk of money for it, but in the end, I'm glad we didn't change our minds!!
We ran into them filming a few times, at the PX, at the zoo on Bear Aware Day (which is held annually on Mother's Day), and Mark had them quite a few times in the office or out on a jump. We don't think he'll ever be shown on TV, but that's ok with us. The production team was a little pushy and demanding at the PX, stopping people from going about their own business because they would ruin the shot or whatever, but I guess that's the life of TV people. Honestly, after we had run into them a few times and hadn't seen them for awhile, I'd forgotten about it. I could never remember what it was called...until right before it was going to start airing.
Our local cable company is giving everyone in the area a free month of OWN so that we could watch it. We recorded the first episode. I made it maybe 10 minutes in before I wanted to throw something at the TV. Every stereotype is exacerbated. There's the snooty officer's wife, the "trashy" (who I really don't think is all that trashy, but they're showing her to be that way) wife, the "Mother Hen" (as she's called on their promotional posters) wife who has 4 kids (she's the one that I don't mind, actually), and a handful of others. I  forced myself to finish the episode and even subjected myself to it again after Mark got home and wanted to see part of it. Even if these women aren't as they are portrayed, they will be known for this forever. Sometimes a perk of PCSing can be to get a clean start somewhere, where nobody knows your name and you can reinvent yourself as you see fit. Not for these ladies anymore. Their names will proceed them. Whatever opinions that people have formed about them through seeing how the show portrays them will be hard to change. Their first impressions have been made.
So in the end, I'm glad we didn't get money signs in our eyes and agree to whatever craziness was the production and filming. Our family's life is not being broadcasted around the world, made to look however the producers want it to look. In reality, we're pretty boring, just a family trying to make the most of what we have. So please remember, next time you see any "Reality TV" show that is still just that. A TV show. Made for ratings and money. I try to avoid those shows--with the exception of HGtv's House Hunters, Property Brothers, Holmes Inspection, etc. However, I do keep in mind that those shows are still scripted and not necessarily real either!