Saturday, December 15, 2012

Another first...

Some firsts aren't anticipated and definitely aren't celebrated!! Thursday night Munchkin had another first. She threw up and it was not fun. She was scared, I felt so bad for her! She didn't know what was going on. She kept saying "I spit, Mommy. I spit.", since she's used to seeing Lil Man spit up. Poor kiddo.
Mark went in to help her first, but quickly called for help. I got every thing cleaned up and the bed changed when he tells me, "It's in her hair...". So he takes her to the shower while I take the dirty sheets to the wash. I didn't think I'd be taking a shower with her at 1:30am! She was pretty good about it, then we went to brush her teeth. I kept asking her how her tummy felt and she would say it was ok, and then not, and then ok again. Once I got her into a clean diaper (can't wait til those are done...but thankful for cloth and only one at night really) and PJs, we climbed back into her bed. Lately, she's been wanting/needing me to lay with her in bed. It's some nice snuggle time that we really haven't gotten since she stopped nursing over a year ago (about a year and a half, how the time flies!). So of course she wanted me to get in bed too. I snuggled with her for a little bit and once she was asleep (mere minutes!) I got to head back to my own bed. She woke up and came in my room about 6:40am and wanted to climb in. Mark had already left for work, so I told her to go ahead. She gets up next to me and immediately starts coughing. Poor kid has a tiny bit come up, I rush her to the bathroom and tell her that if any more needs to come out, lean over the toilet. Thankfully, nothing more, but I did have to change our sheets! I kept a close eye on her the rest of the morning and didn't let her chug down water or eat a ton like she wanted and soon everything seemed back to normal. We even went to the gym Friday afternoon (for the hardest yoga class I've ever done!) and she was acting like her normal self. I did give the girls a heads up, but if I hadn't told them, they wouldn't have had a clue that anything had happened.
Thankfully, everything is fine. I think it was something she ate. I just hope that we don't have to deal with that again for a long time! I do think it's funny how that, as a mom, so much doesn't bother me. It wasn't the easiest thing to clean up, but I remember when I could hardly handle myself getting sick! Now, I'm pretty much prepared to deal with whatever these kiddos throw at me. I may not like it, but I can handle it. Which is good...Mark doesn't handle the gross-out stuff well!!

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