Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas sewing!!

FYI: I'm writing all of this before Christmas, but won't publish before since I don't want to ruin the surprises! (I'm also testing my first scheduled post!!)

Pinterest can be pretty awesome. My current pinterest project is a braided edge fleece blanket, as opposed to a tie blanket. I got the idea from Helping Little Hands. I honestly don't remember how much fabric I bought....I got it when I was getting the supplies for Munchkin's and Lil Man's Halloween costumes!! I was ecstatic that I found Cowboys fleece up here!! There's a kiosk vendor at the PX that sells fleece blankets (as well as lots of other things) and she charges $60+. I thought that was a little steep, but I understand that time and effort are worth something! I just choose to use my own time and effort! It's already frustrating, but it'll be alright once I have happy helpers instead of screaming ones! I can't wait for Mark to open this on Christmas, it's one thing I've managed to keep a surprise! I know he's going to love it. Munchkin asked if it was for her, because "I love Cowboys football mans, Mommy." He's taught her well. Now that I've finished it, but almost had the surprise ruined, I forgot to take a picture of the rest of the process! I'll post pictures after Christmas though!!
Starts out a big blob of fabric...

This gets old fast....

Look, Mom! I made Mickey Mouse!

Another project I've got going is a pillow for my nephew, Mamu. When I asked my sister what he wanted for Christmas, she just told me "Batman is good." We like to put our Alaskan spin on things so that it's not something that can come from anywhere. I remembered seeing "Batmoose" shirts at the zoo this summer, but nobody had them in kids sizes! Spidermoose and Supermoose abound, but no Batmoose. The only ones the zoo had left were adult XXXL. I didn't necessarily want a shirt the whole family could wear (at the same time!), but my crafty brain kicked in. A pillow! Since it's HUGE, there's more than enough fabric to make it...in fact, I think it's going to be a more like a little body pillow for him! I just hope he likes it!
The T-Shirt turned pillow

Munchkin took my phone and told me to say "Cheese!"

Bonus picture of the cutie patootie Munchkin!

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