Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Happy Birthday, Lil Man!

At 7am, I get the bright idea to make him a special birthday shirt. A scrap of orange flannel made a super cute "1"!! 
Yesterday was Lil Man's first birthday!! I can't believe it's been a year since he joined our family! This year has flown by. He's grown so much.
He had his 12 month well-baby check up in the morning. He's 23.8lbs and 30.5in. One thing I never thought I'd hear? "He doesn't weigh enough." Seriously? I think he's growing just fine. He also had to get a blood test to check his iron levels--the doc told me that most breastfed babies this age are anemic, but he was a champ with the finger prick and his iron levels are great! His doctor was also shocked that I wasn't itching to stop nursing. When I told her our goal is til 2, she was very surprised. Halfway there--not that he'd really let me stop any time soon...he loves it too much, and it's so good for him!! He has 5 teeth, the sixth is working its way in. Not quite walking, he can, but lacks the confidence to actually do it. Talks up a storm and loves to play, especially with cars!
Waiting on the doctor. Everyone in the clinic is so shocked at his diapers! 
I made his favorite dinner--Dutch oven chicken, rice, and veggies (just he doesn't get the rice), which he almost slept through. He opened his presents....wasn't too into ripping the paper, so Munchkin, who couldn't hold in her excitement, helped. Both of them were really excited to play with his new toys. This year, I got a lot of toy ideas from what they play wit at the gym, so both of the toys were familiar. He got a Little People school bus and a Little People Wheelies Stand'n Play rampway.
The "Little People Wheelies Stand'n Play Rampway"  from MG & Granddaddy
He was one happy birthday boy!! The cutest thing was the look he gave everyone who told him "Happy Birthday!", it was one of "people keep saying this to me...but what does it mean?!?" I can't wait to see what the next year holds for Lil Man!!
It's hard work being the birthday boy!! He actually napped a ton, totally out of the norm for him!

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