Saturday, December 15, 2012

Just call me Santa's Little Helper!

I finished my elvish duties tonight! Back in October, I took advantage of Toys"R"Us's "Hot Toy Reservation" for Munchkin's present. She LOVES Doc McStuffins and the top toy on the list was the Doc McStuffin's Time for Your Checkup doll. They had it on sale, so I was set! I haven't seen it that low anywhere else, so I'm glad that I got it when I did! It was a bit of a headache getting it reserved because nobody working there had even heard of the program, let alone done one before, so it took some figuring out. They said I'd get an email when it was ready and it had to be picked up no later than Dec. 16. No problem!
I lost the paperwork under Lil Man's carseat, but finally found it again...and realized that I haven't heard from them about it. I figured I should head in tonight in case something was going on and I needed to come back tomorrow I wouldn't be after the cut off date. I seriously think I was the least stressed person in Toys"R"Us tonight! I was behind a family who was picking up their layaway items (about 4/5 carts full) and not everything was there, so they had people running all over the store trying to get everything for them. Once I got up to a person, who then called the manager--who was so frazzled, poor lady!--it took almost no time at all. They just had to go get it from wherever they were keeping the reserved toys. I mentioned that I had never received an email letting me know it was ready and she said that I was the first person to pick up their reservation, so either 1) I'm the ONLY person that reserved anything at that store or 2) the system didn't work right and people might be flocking there tomorrow freaking out that it's the deadline and they haven't been told their toys are ready! She told me that I might get an email now that I've picked it up, but oh well. I have it and Munchkin will be so excited on Christmas morning.
She keeps telling me that she's going to tell Santa she wants Lambie, so I've just gone with it....she just gets Doc too! I was pleasantly surprised at how big she is, I'm horrible at understanding the size of something based on dimensions, so she is bigger than I thought, but that's a good thing! She's not huge or anything, but a really nice sized doll. I'm kinda excited to play with her too!!

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