Sunday, December 9, 2012

Shirt re-fashion

My wardrobe is getting smaller and smaller! Which is a good thing since it's really getting smaller as far as size goes, but the number of things I have to wear is very very small since I've now shrunk out of most everything I owned! I'm still wearing my maternity shirts because they're not obviously maternity. They're a little baggier around the belly, but not really noticeably so. Well, until now. I have one short sleeved maternity shirt that has the side ruching and I liked how it transitioned well from maternity to non and figured why not do that to my long sleeve shirts?? So I did. I kinda thought about taking pictures as I was mostly through the project, but this gives you an idea.
The original shirt. It's not nearly that boxy on, but it's definitely needing help in the shape department since it's now technically too big for me.

The new altered shirt! It adds enough something to help make it look a little better, but I know I won't really be able to wear these for much longer. It's getting to the point where they really are too big for me and will start looking frumpy!

For now, this is a good fix and it was really easy! Just a piece of elastic on the inside seam--which was my first experience sewing elastic--and other than machine troubles I had (some days my machine seriously hates me), it was super easy and super fast!! I think the first one took me about 10 minutes start to finish and the second one about 30 because that's when my machine started to throw a hissy fit and I had to rip one side out about 3 times!

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