Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The complexities of a 3 year old

This year is the first year Munchkin is getting excited about holidays. Her birthday, Halloween, and now Christmas. She's been talking non-stop about how Santa is coming soon and all that. Tonight was the JBER Holiday Concert and Tree Lighting. For the tree lighting, Santa comes in his sleigh, pulled by reindeer. There is a reindeer farm not far from here, and they provide the reindeer. Just a perk of living in get to see them as well as Santa! Reindeer are pretty awesome. We went, but had to leave the concert early because Munchkin was too scared of the music being so loud and Lil Man started getting fussy. We went out and got supper because Mark had to be back to work tonight. When we got back to his office, which is where the tree is located, we saw Santa was still there and there was only a couple of kids left in line to see him. I quickly bundled Munchkin back up (it was -10 at this point) and ran her over to see him. She was so excited. Until it was actually our turn...then she turned and tried to run! She's still scared of him. "Mrs. Claus" tried to take our picture with me holding Munchkin next to Santa's sleigh, but she fought so hard it didn't turn out. Oh well. She wanted to then walk and see each reindeer, but wouldn't pet them or say hi to them....silly girl. On the way home, Munchkin kept telling me that she wanted to see Santa again. So we'll see if she reacts well to him when we see him at the PX or wherever else we see him!

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