Tuesday, January 1, 2013

A crafty new year....

I'm hoping that I will be craftier this year. I want to make more stuff for the kiddos and try new things. Before Lil Man was born, I decided I wanted to knit him a blanket. Mom took me to JoAnn's and got me the supplies I needed. I started it, had to pull it apart, started it again, put it away, forgot about it, had to start over because I'd totally lost track of where I was, etc. I started it back up almost 2 weeks ago. It's a very simple pattern and quite easy, but I've managed to make some interesting mistakes! I flipped it (and back) without realizing it, dropped stitches, turned rows...but the worst was last night. The blanket is knit on the diagonal, with the widest part being 131 stitches. I held it up and it very plainly made it to the middle, but definitely did NOT decrease correctly. Mark called it the "Charlie Brown blanket".....I pulled it out until I got  to the middle and I'm starting over from there. That also took out most of my mistakes, although there is still a flipped section fairly close to the beginning. I'm leaving it. It's made with love and it almost looks like an intentional part of the pattern! I haven't figured out how to correct the dropped stitches, so I'm leaving them too, I'm learning! I've joined Ravelry and have a headband/ear warmer slated for my next project. I'm hoping that I'll have enough of the yarn I'm using for the blanket to use for that too, because even though the pattern calls for 4 skeins, I made it over halfway on one. So now I'm back at my halfway point and I'm hoping that it goes right this time!! I wrote out the pattern on my iPad so hopefully I won't get off track like I did before! 

Way before halfway...with the first flip

Getting to half...it felt like forever!!
The original halfway point.

The first two pictures are from my phone, the third is from my iPad. (I'm really loving the Google+ app's Instant Upload feature!!) The info on the pattern and yarn I'm using, if anyone is interested can be found on my Ravelry page here: D's Blanket

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