Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Knitting addiction!!

So I guess there are worse things to be addicted to, but knitting is now my current obsession! I finally finished Lil' Man's blanket....it's made with love. I thought I'd messed up the second half, but no...I messed up the first half! I wrote out the pattern on my iPad for the second half and was very careful to not skip anything. No more flipping problems, but the second half is much bigger than the first. I'm not going to undo it all and start over, but I may make the pattern another time. Once I got into the groove (and had it all written out neatly), it was super simple and easy.

The "kite" blanket...the top is the beginning.
Lil' Man loves it anyway!!
I finished it last night and jumped right into the next project in my ravelry queue: a headband ear warmer! I finished it this afternoon, and may have been able to finish it last night except for the time I spent having to learn how to rib and do the called for increases. I learned from my last mistake and wrote the pattern out instead of just reading it out of iBooks.

Almost done!
Off the needles, just needs a button.
All finished!! 
It has a crocheted flower which I am skipping. I've tried to crochet before, but this leftie cannot crochet right handed and I don't understand how to switch it to the left. I'm happy with the headband sans flower, so it's all good! I even watched the YouTube videos about the flower and can't manage to do it, but they are well done, so if you like to crochet and knit, it wouldn't be a hard project to do!
The next thing I have in my queue is leg warmers for Munchkin for dance class...and maybe some for me, since the 80s are back! (Ok, really, they'd just be for yoga class) I do need to get some yarn for those though, but I might try to make Munchkin's out of the yarn I have. It makes sense why I have so much left over, since I didn't make the first half of the blanket big enough! I'm not too sad about it though, I really love it!

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