Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Crazy Days!!

My last post (besides my MilSpouse link up) was about knitting. I've been bitten by the knitting bug and the only cure is more yarn!! I've also finally found a video about crochet that makes sense!! (If you're a leftie like me, search on YouTube for Crochet Guru---she has a left handed beginner crochet series that is amazing!) I've made Munchkin an ear warmer head band, a pair of leg warmers, a scarf for Mark, a headband for me, fingerless gloves for me, and I have a huge to-do list!! I've started (and need to start again....) a crochet hat for Munchkin. I have a feeling I'll be making quite a few of these in different colors!!
So much is going on! Munchkin is proving amazingly smart and so much like her parents that it's kinda scary--she's gotten the stubborn gene from us both. Lil Man is starting to walk and it's so exciting! He's proving to be his own person and making sure that I can't think I learned it all the first time around! He's fearless and is such a daredevil! He loves to dive off of our legs--practicing his entrance for the ball pit at the gym! He's not afraid to try something at least once, which can lead to a few scares for Mommy, but so far he hasn't hurt himself!
We've recently done a playroom purge--all the baby toys we had went to the gym. Lil Man has never really been interested in the baby toys, he wants what Big Sister has! We definitely had to make room for all the toys they got for Christmas. I even tackled cleaning up the sewing room/office nook that I could set up our brand new iMac! We're getting to be a completely Apple household....we still have a few things on our Apple wish list, but we'll get them as we can. I'm excited to start using it to teach Munchkin. We did choose to get the Magic Trackpad instead of the Magic Mouse because Munchkin can use it so much easier. It's taking a bit of getting used to--I've been using PCs for so long!!
I'm sure there's much more interesting things that have happened, but I'm a bad blogger and forget them before I ever make the time to sit down and write out a post!!

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