Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Sewing adventures

My sewing machine and I have an on and off again relationship. It seems that when I want to sew, I do a bunch and then don't do anything for a while. One of my friends is just starting her sewing adventures, so we've been doing some things together. Last week we started making some "baby" shoes (which I still need to finish since our time got cut short).
This week I decided to upcycle some old pj pants I have. I bought them on Black Friday 09 from Old Navy. Flannel, Christmas-y but not overly so, SUPER comfy....but WAY too big. They were too big when I bought them, but I thought they had a drawstring waist and since they were pj pants, I thought a little too big was ok. Turns out the tie was decorative and I had that sucker tied so tight that there was about a 2 inch piece stuck in the middle! Of course as I've continued getting smaller, they're only getting bigger on me. To the point where they're not staying up at all. Not a good thing. I hated to get rid of them since I love these pants so much, but I couldn't wear them as is anymore.
My bright idea--just alter the heck out of them! I ripped out the waistband and took out the elastic, making sure not to ruin any of that part. I then measured out a 9 inch inseam (I wanted to make sure I had more than enough for a good hem and didn't want them TOO short!). I pulled them on and oh-so-scientifically pinched each side and pinned it in place. I ended up taking in about 2 1/2 inches on each side!! I sewed the sides down, leaving the original seams until I knew they fit right. Then I cut the excess off the sides, re-made the waistband casing, cut the elastic to the new right size (after continuing my scientific method of measuring around me and pinching), sewing that up, then hemming. So now I have pj shorts that fit (whoohoo!) and that I love!
I'm also upcycling a tshirt I have. I'm not a fan of tshirts for the gym since I'm mainly doing yoga. I prefer racer back tanks so I don't have to worry about range of motion with my arms. I have a tshirt that's an American Apparel shirt (not a fan of their stuff...fits way small and just weird) that I bought from Skinny Raven Sports before we moved away from here last time. I want to wear the shirt, but as it was, it's not my fave. Pinterest has all sorts of tshirt to workout tank tutorials floating around, so I looked them up. They almost all recommend starting with a shirt that's a few sizes too big, which didn't work for me. This shirt is sized XL, but fits more like a L or even M gauging by the rest of my clothes!!! I ended up winging it by tracing one of my existing tanks and cutting it that way. I wasn't originally planning on hemming the cut edges or anything, but they look too sloppy for my tastes, so I'm going to end up with some thin straps due to having to hem them!! Oh well. This will be my first project with lots of curves, so we'll see how that goes! If I was smart, I would've taken pictures of all of these in progress, but alas, I didn't. Bad blogger. I'll try to at least get some pictures of the finished products and update with those later, but I know that if I waited til then, I'd completely forget to post at all!

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  1. Hi! I'm Janelle, and I found your blog while searching for military spouse blogs. I am marrying my Airman next year, and I'm really glad I found your blog! I can't wait to read more! Consider me your newest follower! :)

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