Monday, April 22, 2013

"Be a princess..."

The chart! Forgive my horrible art skills...

I have a feeling that "Be a princess..." is going to be coming out of my mouth a lot for a while! I found this behavioral chart on Pinterest and immediately thought it was a good idea for Munchkin. I showed it to Mark and he agreed. We've been using weekly charts for specific goals and it's worked out pretty well, but I like that this encompasses ALL behavior, not just certain chores we're working on in a particular week. Munchkin is all about the Disney Princesses right now, so I took that idea and ran with it. Instead of "character coins", we have princesses. I found images online to print out and just cut around them, rather than making a circle. Each princess has her own pocket that I decorated for them (also throwing in a chance to work on matching!)--and it helps me remember who's supposed to be there if somebody goes missing!
I also tweaked the left-hand side a bit. On the original, she let the kiddos decorate, color, put pictures of favorite things, which is a great idea, but since we're going with "Be a princess...", I thought I'd write down some things that a princess is and does as reminders. Of course Munchkin can't read, but I'll remind her of them all the same! I did leave room for us to add things if we come up with more later too. I also ended up making 14 boxes instead of 10, 'cause I kinda got caught up in watching Harry Potter while making it and made too many. Still, that's a nice even two weeks if she gets a sticker every day, so I think it's ok.
Even in just the couple hours that it's been up, I've reminded her a couple times to "Be a princess..." and she corrected her behavior so she didn't have to give me a princess! So far, so good. I'm excited to see how this works for our family and of course will update after we've used it a bit.
Self laminating sheets...amazing things! I used this to make the princesses sturdy!

Munchkin with her chart. She was happy to put the princesses in their pockets!

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  1. That's a great idea! Hope to hear how it's working out for you!!