Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Easin' into 5k!

Remember I told you that I've lost my mind and am attempting to run? Well, I've made it further into the Ease into 5k program than ever before! (It used to be Couch to 5k...and I only tried it once...but still!) Tomorrow is Week 4, Day 1. I had to miss last Wednesday (W3D2) because Munchkin had a random fever, so yesterday was W3D3. I'm off schedule now, but I'll figure out how to fix that so Week 5 can start on Monday. I have to run for 4 minutes at a time tomorrow!! That's CRAZY talk! Ok, so I've been doing fairly well, but 3 minutes felt like an eternity. I'm not quite to the pace I want (10min/mi) although yesterday's final run (1:30) was there. I don't know if I can keep it up though, so I'm going to continue to work up to it. I highly anticipate walking a majority of the color run, but I want to know that I can run and will continue to keep it in my routine at the gym.
I need to seriously sit down with music and develop a better playlist, because while what I have is ok, it's not great and there are songs that I KNOW I do better with because of their tempo. I'm a band nerd through and through, 4 years of marching band beat it into me enough that you move with the music. No slower, no faster--although half- and double-times were thrown in on occasion--but that's just not gonna cut it with running! I've also been working with a rhythmic breathing cycle, you can read more about that here, so it would be even more helpful to have better music. Any favorites? Lemme know!
I'm doing much better than I thought I would and haven't collapsed from exhaustion yet! Yesterday was the closest I've ever come to falling asleep at the end of yoga though, I ran before class and then yoga wasn't skimpy! At least it was exhaustion well earned!

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