Tuesday, April 9, 2013

ON Basic Love

My tees!

You may remember that I was selected to be a member of the Old Navy Style Council again through Crowdtap. This time the sample & share was for their Perfect Tees. I was super excited--free clothes are always welcome!! I already know that I love these tees, they're comfy, hold their shape, wash well, and for this momma, perfect. I love that the shirts are plain, because ever since becoming pregnant with Munchkin, I've stopped wearing shirts with "stuff" on them, with the exception of my hoodie sweatshirts. Even those have gone into rare rotation now since they're way too big. I was a little disappointed in the actual store presentation and selection, but since they're plain tees, they got pushed aside for all the new spring/summer styles. I also had Super Cash to spend from my previous trip, so it became a Mommy-Munchkin date and we had a blast. Of course Munchkin ended up with the majority of the items, and some completely frivolous things (like a glittery soccer ball...but she made a compelling argument: "My ball got popped. I don't have a ball anymore. I need a new ball." So she got the ball.) but since it was a special treat, I think it was warranted. (Mark did call me a pushover, but everyone knows that's more him than me any day!) We loved shopping and since their clearance was on extra 30% off, I had my phone out doing calculations all over the store! I got some AMAZING deals.
Munchkin showing off in front of the shirt display.

Most of our loot....notice it's almost all Munchkins. I did get a few more things not pictured, as did she!!

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