Saturday, May 11, 2013

So far, so good!

Remember the princess chart? Well Munchkin hit her first goal today! (And honestly, she probably should have hit it a couple days ago, but I spaced some days...whoops!!) We're still working out the kinks, but so far, so good! I'd read that some moms were doling out stickers the morning after, so that bedtime behavior could be factored in, but that seems to be part of my problem forgetting to give out stickers. We do struggle with bedtime, especially now that it's getting to be summer and the sun is up all night long (or at least will be soon!! Thank goodness, I love the midnight sun!). The "the sun is up so I don't have to go to bed" is a big one. She is getting better at regulating her behavior when she gets reminded that it will cost a princess if she continues.
Checking out the full line                                     

Proud that she's done it! (No, she didn't lose Merida and Ariel today....Merida got lost a few days ago and I keep forgetting to put her back and Lil Man has taken Ariel on an adventure...I hope I find her tomorrow!!)

We couldn't have had better timing either. We were at Target tonight looking for something completely unrelated (of course, that's always what happens at Target!) and I happened to see a doll on an end cap. Munchkin has wanted an Ariel doll for ages now....but as a mermaid, not a girl. Those are HARD to find!! We've been searching and finally Target has one! Her tail changes color with cold water, which is always awesome and it was a great price! Super score! 
I'm hoping that as she's seen the reward, and already set her next goal (getting her nails painted), that it will motivate her more to keep up the good behavior!

So excited for her new Ariel doll!! 

Time Flies

Munchkin's last dance class of this term was this morning. Friday and Saturday are rehearsals at the theater and Sunday is her very first recital!!! She is so excited, and I won't lie, so am I! I can't wait to give her her first bouquet of flowers when she's done! I don't care if she doesn't dance a single step on stage, she has done so well in class and has grown and learned so much since September.
We asked her teacher this morning how many girls have perfect attendance and the answer is Munchkin. The only classes she's "missed" are ones that were canceled. I'm so proud of her. Even on mornings when it would have been easier to stay home, we got to class and she had a blast. (Most days...she had a few classes that involved a lot of tears...)
We've signed her up for the summer term and she has the same teacher, who she loves, so I'm excited to see how she grows over the summer!! I'll have a recital update probably 5/20, as we won't get home from her recital til late on 5/19. Whenever we get her pictures, I'll share those as well...they're definitely a memory, even if she's not posing well in them!

Friday, May 10, 2013

Happy MilSpouse Appreciation Day!!

To all my fellow MilSpouses, happy appreciation day! You do so much for your families and often it's all behind the scenes stuff that doesn't get noticed (of course, unless it doesn't get done!). Thanks to President Ronald Reagan who first recognized the spouse behind the soldier and made the Friday before Mother's Day officially Military Spouse Appreciation Day!

Saturday, May 4, 2013

USS Anchorage

The Navy has a new ship. The USS Anchorage visited the Port of Alaska this week for commissioning. They had public tours on Thursday and Friday, with the commissioning ceremony this morning. That was invite-only, and given the weather, I was glad that Mark isn't important enough to have needed to be there. We've had GORGEOUS weather lately, the snow is melting, things are thawing...and then today happens. Snow & rain. Texas snow. Joy. Munchkin was excited because she loves snow, but she's also getting excited for summer to, for all of the fun things we get to do outside!

Ok, so we've gotten off track. USS Anchorage. Thursday Mark had the day off because of staff duty on Wednesday. Two hours of sleep and we go to the mall to get to the shuttle....insanely long lines. He asks if we can go Friday instead. He's tired, grumpy, and HATES to wait in lines. He knows I don't want to deal with him dealing with being grumpy, so we decide to wait. Munchkin is sad, but gets over it. So we go again on Friday. We see a bit of a line, thinking "oh, that's not too bad..." until we turn a corner. We never found the end of the line. Munchkin had to go potty, and as we were coming out of the hallway from the bathrooms, there was a mall employee talking about the line. 30 minutes before we got there, the line was at 460 people. It had only grown. They were expecting that it was 500-600 people in line at that time. Needless to say, we didn't wait in line. When we left, about 15-20 minutes after we got there, there was a sign at the doors saying that all tours were full. Even if we had found the end of the line, I don't think we would have made it. For the record, the last tour left at 7:45pm. We were at the mall at 5:30.

I'm super bummed that we didn't get to go, but they have posted a virtual tour online! You can check it out here. I'll be letting Munchkin watch it this next week whenever she wants to, she was so disappointed that she didn't get to visit the boat!!