Saturday, May 11, 2013

So far, so good!

Remember the princess chart? Well Munchkin hit her first goal today! (And honestly, she probably should have hit it a couple days ago, but I spaced some days...whoops!!) We're still working out the kinks, but so far, so good! I'd read that some moms were doling out stickers the morning after, so that bedtime behavior could be factored in, but that seems to be part of my problem forgetting to give out stickers. We do struggle with bedtime, especially now that it's getting to be summer and the sun is up all night long (or at least will be soon!! Thank goodness, I love the midnight sun!). The "the sun is up so I don't have to go to bed" is a big one. She is getting better at regulating her behavior when she gets reminded that it will cost a princess if she continues.
Checking out the full line                                     

Proud that she's done it! (No, she didn't lose Merida and Ariel today....Merida got lost a few days ago and I keep forgetting to put her back and Lil Man has taken Ariel on an adventure...I hope I find her tomorrow!!)

We couldn't have had better timing either. We were at Target tonight looking for something completely unrelated (of course, that's always what happens at Target!) and I happened to see a doll on an end cap. Munchkin has wanted an Ariel doll for ages now....but as a mermaid, not a girl. Those are HARD to find!! We've been searching and finally Target has one! Her tail changes color with cold water, which is always awesome and it was a great price! Super score! 
I'm hoping that as she's seen the reward, and already set her next goal (getting her nails painted), that it will motivate her more to keep up the good behavior!

So excited for her new Ariel doll!! 

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