Saturday, May 11, 2013

Time Flies

Munchkin's last dance class of this term was this morning. Friday and Saturday are rehearsals at the theater and Sunday is her very first recital!!! She is so excited, and I won't lie, so am I! I can't wait to give her her first bouquet of flowers when she's done! I don't care if she doesn't dance a single step on stage, she has done so well in class and has grown and learned so much since September.
We asked her teacher this morning how many girls have perfect attendance and the answer is Munchkin. The only classes she's "missed" are ones that were canceled. I'm so proud of her. Even on mornings when it would have been easier to stay home, we got to class and she had a blast. (Most days...she had a few classes that involved a lot of tears...)
We've signed her up for the summer term and she has the same teacher, who she loves, so I'm excited to see how she grows over the summer!! I'll have a recital update probably 5/20, as we won't get home from her recital til late on 5/19. Whenever we get her pictures, I'll share those as well...they're definitely a memory, even if she's not posing well in them!

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