Monday, July 8, 2013

Family photos!

I've had this sitting in draft to remind me to post for over a month now...we've been busy!!
At the end of May, my parents, MG & Granddaddy came up to visit us for a few weeks. One of the first things we decided when they started planning their trip was that we needed to get some family pictures done. I started looking around for photographers, as we still hadn't really found one that we loved since Honeybee Photography (who did my maternity session, Munchkin's newborn/family session, and a couple fun sessions) moved due to her hubby being in the Air Force. I was reminded that our old neighbor's sister had moved up here and owns a photography business. I got lucky that she was running a Groupon that made her affordable for us (which reminds me, I need to email her our choices for the prints included in that....).
Her name is Christina, and she runs Nonchalant View Photography, and she is simply amazing. As soon as we were done with our session, I knew the images were going to be fantastic, and I was already trying to plan when we could do another session with her! She gave us enough direction that we felt like she had a plan, but she let us be enough that we came through the images. Our poses didn't look staged, the smiles were natural (well, except for one of Mark's, but he hardly smiles for cameras anyway!), there was lots of conversation and laughter from everyone. She took the time to get the kids to warm up, even though one of my favorites of Lil Man is him giving his classic grumpy face--truly capturing his little personality! I honestly cannot recommend her enough. If you're ever in the Anchorage area and want to get some amazing pictures to capture the time here, get ahold of her!

These are just the sneak peek set she emailed me, but they give a great idea. It's really hard to choose which ones we want from the full gallery because they're all so amazing.
© Nonchalant View Photography

© Nonchalant View Photography

© Nonchalant View Photography

© Nonchalant View Photography
 Oh..and Lil Man's a size 3T. Not even 18 months at this point and he could wear a 3T shirt. It is a tiny bit big, but nothing crazy. He'll have it for a while! The crazy story behind the wardrobe: Mom and I were discussing what we were going to wear so she would make sure she packed accordingly. We were sending pictures back and forth, trying to match up stuff, because we didn't want to buy anything new if we could help it. We knew the kids would need something new because Lil Man didn't have any summer clothes and Munchkin didn't have anything really photo-appropriate (no plain shirts). I was looking on Old Navy's website on my iPad as we were chatting and found the shirt for Lil Man. It was on clearance. They have a handy in-store finder tool, but of course it wasn't at either of the Anchorage locations. They did say they had limited selection at the store near Mom, of course.
She said she needed to run errands anyway, so she heads to the store. The smallest size they have is 3T. She compares it to a 24 mo size and finds it's not THAT much bigger and it should work. I'd found some tops for Munchkin for her to look at and see if they worked, and we settled on what we now call 'the candy corn shirt'. Then she goes for the leggings. Now she's on a roll and finds shirts for the guys, asking me if Mark will wear peach. I tell her he can wear it for the pictures at the very least! Then she finds shirts for us.
So much for not buying anything!! We all ended up with new stuff, but I honestly felt the most put together of any family photo session we've ever had. We weren't too matchy-matchy, but we all went together and complimented each other. (Thank you, pinterest, for the photo wardrobe pins we found!) It didn't hurt that the scenery was gorgeous as well, we got lucky that everything turned green right before our session!!

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