Monday, July 8, 2013

The Color Run!!

Another late to the party post!
June 15, 2013, Anchorage gets doused in color for the first time as The Color Run marks the biggest running event in the state of Alaska with 15,000 registrants! Mom and I were 2 of those crazies! It was super fun, even if we had to get up at 5am! I really kinda wish that I'd worked more on running, but as it was, I walked most of it, pretty quickly, I might add, and did run a tiny bit at the end! I will definitely be doing a color running event again, depends on who comes where when as far as which one specifically! This was well organized and ran smoothly, especially for having so many people!

Pre-race milling around (kinda blurry because my phone was already in it's ziplock baggie!)

I used my son. Families with strollers got into the limited on-site parking, as opposed to having to park and walk or be shuttled. He had fun. His favorite? He got a balloon.

Pre-race "why are you doing this to me, Mommy?!?"

Mr. Grumpy didn't really want to be up this early!
Lil Man was much more interested in his balloon than looking at the camera, but here's our "before"!

Color Zone 1! They were all really careful not to get the powder into Lil Man's face, but they did get up close to him to make sure he got in on the color action too!

Mom going through Color Zone 1 right behind us! (She had fun, I promise!)
And the after...Lil Man was out like a light bulb about halfway into it! 

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  1. Awesome! I'm glad it came all the way up to you guys! :) I did one in Colorado Springs last summer, and it was SO much fun... I'm doing it again in September! :)

    Janelle @ Wild Blue Yonder