Friday, December 20, 2013

Time flies

Since I've moved over to Bloglovin' for reading blogs, posting on my own tends to slip my mind! Since my last post was Munchkin's birthday, it's only fitting to start this one off about Lil' Man's birthday!
We officially have a two year old and he's amazing. In a way, it feels like he's "finally" two, since he's seemed like a two year old for so long already. He's huge and so smart, he's always seemed older than he is. His official birthday stats from the doctor are 33.9 pounds, 35.8" tall, and a 90th percentile head circumference. They were quite impressed by his strength (shown when fighting being laid down to be measured) and they never even addressed any of the development milestone questionnaire (which generally means he's meeting or exceeding everything, they really only bring it up if they're behind--and I had to mark "yes" on everything except for one that I marked "sometimes" because it's not something that we do often!). He talks SO well and is always making sure you know what he wants! No random pointing and grunting for him.
Another huge milestone moment: He is about 90% potty trained!! He started off and on a while ago, and we just sit back and let him lead. Then a few weeks ago, he just wanted to go in the potty. So I went with it and he is now in big boy undies when awake, diapers are only for sleeping times, and really, he's had a few naps in undies and more than a few that the diaper was still dry when he got up. I never thought he'd be in undies before two, and we were a little over a week away from his birthday when we just went with it! Thankfully he's not afraid of toilets, so we don't have to worry about it when we're out! As crazy as it may sound, I'm actually a little sad to be thinking of all the details to sell our diapers, but that will be happening for the majority of our stash soon.
He had such a blast on his birthday, he was SO excited to see his presents "Pwesents?!?! For me?! My pwesents!" and proudly answering "TWO!" when asked how old he is now.
We've also now taken the front rail off of his crib to make it a toddler bed and while he doesn't stay in it for more than a few hours, it's still nicer to have him come climb in with us than to have to go get him! He's getting better and I doubt we'll be cosleeping when he goes to college.
Another huge milestone that 12/17/13 brought: We have reached my breastfeeding goal. I am SO proud to have been able to nurse him for 2 years and meet the recommendations. We're on the downward slope now, but I will let him lead this too, for the most part. I do distract and redirect sometimes. We're pretty much at before sleeping times and then a few times in the night--which honestly is more from my lack of willingness to actually get up to rock him back to sleep than anything else--and then the last "night" bit right before we get up.
There's been other stuff here and there, but nothing worth blogging about this far after the fact! I'm wanting to make sure I blog more regularly, but we'll see how that works out!!