Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Less drama, more real: The Real Military Wives of Blogland

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I found this link-up from Janelle at Wild Blue Yonder and thought I'd jump in! I'm Diana, Army wife. We'll celebrate our 8th anniversary this year and he'll mark his 7th year in the Army this summer. We're high school sweethearts--we met and started dating when I was a freshman, he was a sophomore. When we first met, he told me he wanted to join the Army, become an Airborne Ranger, and die in combat before he turned 30--meaning he didn't want to get married or have kids, because he didn't want to leave a family behind. Thankfully his goals have changed a bit! 
As for me, I'm a stay at home mom to our two kids, Munchkin (4) & Lil Man (2) and while they drive me absolutely crazy some days, I absolutely LOVE the time with them. In fact, we're planning on homeschooling, partially due to our military lifestyle!
Our military story is fairly uneventful, he joined about a month before our first anniversary and went through training at Fort Knox, KY. After he graduated, he went to Airborne training and then came to beautiful Fort Richardson, AK (now Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson, AK). After a few months of paperwork, in March of 2008, I finally got to move up too! 
He had a fairly busy year with getting ready to deploy for the 09-10 rotation, and about a month before he left, we found out we were pregnant with Munchkin, only a month after a miscarriage. He did make it home for her birth at least! As far as deployments go, it wasn't bad. (Especially looking back on it 4 years later!) Soon after he got home, he got orders for Fort Polk, LA. We moved down there, were there for 1 year, 4 days and came right back to JBER, AK! We really couldn't leave there fast enough, but there were good times--which is good because we're heading back there in just a couple months! 
We're calling ourselves a ping pong ball. Who knows where we'll end up after this? As much as I love Alaskan summers, I'm not a fan of the bitter cold and insane amounts of snow (that wasn't as bad as the rest of the country this year!!), and I'd really rather see somewhere else while we're moving on the Army's dime! 
Something that I'd like others to know about military wife life is that it's nothing like you see on TV--ESPECIALLY if you happened to catch OWN's Married to the Army: Alaska (oh gosh, that was a pain to have filming all over post!). I only watched one full episode and bits of others and couldn't handle how crazy they made it! We're just normal people living our lives like everyone else. Yeah, we have different challenges with training schedules, deployments, TDYs, and moves, but we roll with the punches as best we can. Every military wife I've met just does her best to make the most of her situation, and isn't that what most people do? 

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