Sunday, May 11, 2014

Oh, Munchkin!

Our Mother's Day has been pretty low-key, but a good one for our family. We were excited to find out that the Anchorage Market & Festival (colloquially known as "Saturday market") opened yesterday, so we decided we'd head down to see how it was shaping up this year.
Munchkin got excited that they had sidewalk chalk and a big area to draw, Lil Man just wanted to walk around, holding Daddy's hand, and pick up pebbles, and we were happy to be out in the GORGEOUS weather. We talked to a guy at the Alaska Coffee Roastery table, got some coffee samples, and got invited to a tour of the facility when I mentioned that I love the smell of coffee.
We walked around downtown for a little bit and stopped for a treat at the Alaska Cake Studio (where Mark ended up buying me a treat for there and one to take home as a Mother's Day gift..hmm, he knows I'm a sucker for sweets!) and then decided to get some hot dogs from the corner vendor and eat lunch in the sunshine.
Munchkin had been having some problems listening this morning, but she was back to her normal self by then, and having finished her chips, she was ready to throw her trash away. She came to me, showed me her trash and asked if she could walk over to the trash can. I told her sure, since it wasn't far away. To our shock, she walked to the curb, stopped, looked both ways, and started to step off to cross the street! We started yelling her name to get her attention, trying to point to the trash can that was on OUR side of the street! Mark went to her and got her before she made it off the curb (and thankfully there was on street parking that she would've walked through, so she had a little bit before actually being in the road!) and the poor girl almost started crying! She couldn't understand why we were upset when she had asked permission--and received it! Mark explained he was scared, and that's why he yelled "at" her, and then I told her I had misunderstood which trash can she wanted to use. She spent the rest of lunchtime in my lap. I did tell her that I was proud of her for being careful and looking both ways before starting to cross the street. At least we know she's really learning some of the things we're trying to teach her!! Next time we'll be making sure that we're all on the same page about what she's trying to do!

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