Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Wardrobe remix

A few months ago, after reading different blog posts on jeans and such, I really got tired of the fact that jeans are so hard. It's like you can pick two: fits well, comfortable, affordable. I'm not going to spend $100+ on jeans. Ok, I'm super cheap, I don't even like to buy Old Navy jeans at full price. After being annoyed with fussing with my jeans for the billionth time, I decided I'm done. No more jeans for me. Now don't go thinking I'm in sweats or yoga pants all the time, I decided that skirts & dresses were my new best friends. Especially with moving to Louisiana this summer, jersey maxi skirts are awesome. I bought a couple chambray shirt dresses and a denim half button shirt dress from Old Navy and a couple new maxi skirts. Plus, a lot of tights!
It was a little more difficult in the winter months, but with my fleece tights, insulated Skhoop skirts, and leg warmers under my boots, I was ok. I only had to deal with February and some of March for the really cold weather, so I'm sure I would've done it a little differently if I'd started in the even colder times.
I joked that people are going to start thinking we're religious fanatics because Munchkin also prefers skirts and dresses coupled with our super long hair (hers is past her bum, mine is waist-length right now). I did run across a lot of religious blogs when I was searching for winter dress/skirt ideas and some of them were informative without being preachy, but others were just in-your-face. Then recently, Jessica at Beyond Moi shared a link on their Facebook page for a satirical piece about the purity culture. The sad thing was, when I read it, it read just like some of the blogs I'd come across! If I hadn't been made aware that it was satire from the get go, I would've thought he was just another zealot. I don't want people to think that this is where I'm coming from. I think that modesty is a mindset, not a list of rules. Every culture has different body parts that are considered immodest, for some it's breasts, for some it's knees, for some it's everything but the eyes (and even then...), so really, you can't please everyone! Even within the same religion, it varies by region and denomination! I also don't buy into the thought that men are little more than animals who can't control themselves and that I should be responsible for everything they say, think, and feel.
As it turns out, skirts, especially jersey maxi skirts, are insanely comfortable. With the dresses I've bought, I do have to be more careful when wearing them because they're just above the knee, but my maxi skirts, I can get on the floor with the kids just as easy (or easier, because they're not cutting my legs off) than if I was in jeans. I did keep one pair of my jeans for "emergencies", if we ended up doing something that really required them, but I don't know when I'll wear them again. I also still wear my workout capris (see, I'm really not buying into the purity culture modesty dress code!) for exercising, as well as my SkirtSport skirts. Pretty much whatever's clean and matches the top I want to wear! If you'd like to see more about my outfits, I'm always adding them to my Stylitics closet & calendar, which you can see a little bit of here. To be able to view the closet, you do have to sign in though. It's free and actually a little addicting once you get started, if you're interested!

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