Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Hip to be cool

I don't know if I've mentioned it, but as part of our PCS trip, we're going to Disneyland!! We're SO incredibly excited and I can't wait to get there. The kids are super stoked and keep taking about who they want to meet. I've been looking up tips/tricks/ideas for doing Disney with little ones and one thing I kept seeing was to give kids their own way to have snacks and other little things. Backpacks are ok, but require adult help to get into/out of, so not as great as I'd like. Fanny packs/waist packs see to be the best option. They're accessible by the wearer and aren't in the way on rides, so they can stay on all day long! I couldn't find any that were really cute and even the not so cute ones were kinda pricey. So I turned to Pinterest and one of the very first pins was an awesome tutorial/pattern for "hip pouches". I had most of the material needed, so I didn't spend much and I used up some of my fabric stash!!
Here's the pin:

And here's my finished projects!
Munchkin's bag! She was SO excited that it was pink! 

Lil Man's bag. I thought this fabric was a great fit for him since he's super excited about Cars Land! 

He was SO excited to show it off! He wants to wear it everywhere now and got mad at me when I made him take it off! (This is his "Cheese!" face...I have a lot of pictures like this!)

So I noticed *after* I had finished Lil Man's that I put the zippers in opposite ways. Which may actually work out because Munchkin is definitely right handed and Lil Man is showing signs of being a leftie like me and I think that I managed to get them in accordingly. So we'll call it a custom design feature. They're also the first two zippers I've ever done, so they aren't perfect, but they work and aren't TOO bad! There's lots of room on the waistband too, so they'll be able to use these for a long time. Oh...and the buckle that looked black in the store? Yeah, it looks more navy at home. Oh. Well. The package didn't have a color listed and everything else looked black. At least it's not up against the black of the fabric!!

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