Sunday, June 15, 2014

Jamberry vs Nail Polish

Wifey at Wife Of A Sailor has recently become a consultant for Jamberry Nails. She generously offered samples and I jumped on that! Who wouldn't love a manicure that lasts longer than nail polish and in more designs than even some of the most talented nail artists could do? All at home? I want to try that! My sample arrived yesterday and I got a chance to put them on this afternoon. As always, I'm totally honest. I had issues applying these. I think I just have oddly shaped fingernails (and one of my nails I knew would be an issue, I *think* it's funky due to slamming my fingers in a car door as a kid, but it might not be) but I don't think these are going to last the 2 weeks that they claim they can last. I also had issues with trimming them. I can't get them to trim without being jagged (my scissors are the problem here, I'm sure) and I don't have a file (WHA?!) so I can't file them like is recommended. I want to love them, and I absolutely LOVE the designs, I'm not even sure how many pages I dog-eared in the catalog and I know there were a few pages that I wanted more than one design shown! (My favorite? The Mommy & Me options!) I have a few more strips on the sample sheet left, so I'll continue to give them a try and see if I can figure out how to make them work for me.
The sample challenge is this: see how well Jamberry holds up vs regular nail polish after 7 days. So I actually ended up doing 2 nails on each hand with a Jamberry wrap (since the first one I did is my problem nail) and the other 3 with Essie nail polish. Nail polish typically lasts 3 days before showing major wear/chipping for me, so we'll see what the end of the week looks like. This week isn't going to be a week I can pamper my hands either. It's the week before the movers come and we've gotta get busy making sure we're ready for them and to get out of this house the following week. *insert minor freak out that it's getting insanely close to moving time!*
Here are my starting pictures:
Chevron and lace. The lace is on my problem nail, so I don't expect it to really last long.

Other hand! 

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