Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Project: Finish!

It's getting incredibly close to moving time--the movers will be here the middle of next week! I went through my pile of mending/items to be finished and got them all done this morning! (I'm still working on my birthday sewing projects, but I'll tackle those in a little while, only two little things to go!) The biggest thing I had to do this morning was a jean skirt refashion for Munchkin. I'm glad I got it done now because when I was getting her to try it on to see how it fit, it's not too big like I thought it would be! So now she has another skirt to wear this summer! Woohoo!

Jeans to skirt refashion, of course with as much pink as possible!
I'm glad that I'm finally using up this pink polka dot fabric, it was originally intended to be a shopping cart cover for Munchkin (that'll tell you how old it is...) and I never got past cutting out the pieces, so I've been trying to use them up however they'll fit in something! The ruffle came from being frustrated at trying to hem it otherwise and of course it added more pink that Munchkin loves. It's from my birthday projects and there's plenty left over, so yay for that!

Other things finished today that I didn't take pictures of: Munchkin's Minnie Mouse skirts that MG made for her got the buttons for their adjustable waists and a few of our reusable shopping bags that ripped got stitched up. 
I'm so happy to not have those things get packed and have projects looming over my head when we move in now!

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