Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Oh the adventure...

Our time in Anchorage is coming to a close. This time, at least! Who knows if we'll ever make it back--we certainly didn't expect it when we left last time! It's been a great 3 years and I'm a little sad to leave. (Ask me in October if I miss it...I'll probably say HECK NO! because I'm not having to deal with snow and extreme cold!) Yesterday we went to the Alaska Zoo for the last time, got some great views of the moose, he even posed for me! We also got to see the Funny River pups (5 wolf pups that were rescued from the Funny River fire) and I just wanted to go cuddle them. They are so adorable! There were also 3 moose babies that ran up to the fence when Munchkin and I came up to see them. I wouldn't mind cuddling them either. 
Mark managed to get us an amazing room--since on post lodging was full, we're out in town--and I will miss the amazing views around here. It's nice to be able to sit here and really soak it all in before we go! 
The movers were in last week and they were AMAZING. They were fast, courteous, and SO careful with our stuff. The most amazing part? They had common sense! Some movers don't and some crazy stuff gets packed. We did end up with a couple things getting packed that weren't supposed to (like Munchkin's Epi-Pens!) but nothing that we can't fix. It wasn't my purse or dirty dishes (both of which I've been told have gotten packed before...). 
Lightning headed off to visit Auntie, the kids were NOT happy to leave him at the airport for his flight, but he got there safely and is happily waiting for us to come get him. 
The kids are doing really well for the circumstances. Munchkin has accepted this and is just going with the flow--I've been telling her ever since we got the official word that the Army is telling Daddy that he has to go work somewhere else now, so we have to move. We've talked it up to her and she's excited to be close to Texas! She'll tell anyone that'll listen that Louisiana is Texas's neighbor! Lil' Man, on the other hand, isn't taking it as well. He cried when we left our house for the last time, keeps asking to go back, and generally is just stressed. It's hard to remember he's only 2 1/2 some days, because he acts so much older most of the time! This is the only place he's ever known, he doesn't understand moving, and we've just ripped away everything he's known and thrown it upside down! Munchkin does her best to comfort him too and he just needs some reassurance every now and then. I think he'll be the most excited to get a new house on the other end of all this!
I'm excited, nervous, and a little terrified for this trip. The big carrot on the end of the stick is Disneyland. I CANNOT wait to get there and see our kids go crazy (hopefully in a good way!) and have an excuse to act a little crazy myself. I'm also super excited to see my parents there too. (Yes, we'll be seeing them a couple days later in Texas too...but still) Canada is my biggest anxiety-inducer. I have printed off info from both the U.S. and Canada about what ID is required at the borders since we had problems with that before and really just since we're driving through some remote country, I always worry. At least we're in the summer for it and if there is a place, it's more than likely open! 
I think we'll have a pretty amazing trip, I just hope we all have our sanity at the end of it. 19 days on the road (plus 4 at Disney) is a long trip! Then we'll have almost a month in Texas before finally heading to Fort Polk in August. Here's crossing fingers that we don't have to wait for housing!!
Sorry that this post is more than all over the place, I can hardly have an uninterrupted thought these days with everything that's going on!